The weekend began in the best way, waking when I was ready to wake, instead of to a jarring alarm.

To be fair, my weekday alarm clock has a gradual musical awakening each morning, so I am never startled out of slumber. But the ability to wake when your body chooses is a luxury, for sure.

The meditation was full and deep this morning, and then I brewed the Viennese cinnamon coffee that I love and settled in at my desk to catch up on email and get to work. Yes, it’s a working weekend. The kids are with their father and except for a respite for yoga, a date with my husband and a couple of friend meet-ups tomorrow, it’s all work, full steam ahead.

Don’t we always have work to do? If it’s not the paying kind, then it’s work on something – the house, the relationship, our bodies, our minds. There is the adage that if you do the work, the money will come, or do the work in front of you, and the rest will take care of itself.

That’s right. Don’t complain about being out of shape; get to the gym. Don’t worry about whether there will be enough income; pursue it.

This weekend, I have a particularly heavy load: binders and notepads in front of me on both sides, the computer keyboard settled in between. And because I am flying to Omaha on Tuesday for a speaking engagement, today and tomorrow become prime work zones so nothing gets missed.

It doesn’t feel ominous. From where I sit in my home office, I can hear the wind in the chimes on the front porch. A musical background as my fingers click against the keyboard. The heat blows soothing through the vent onto my feet. The Tiffany lamp on the desktop is a soothing reminder of the beautiful details of life, even while working.

Last night, at a benefit for a client’s industry, I saw this sign: Choose a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. Confucius made modern.

But it’s true. Every day of my childhood, my father loved going to work. He thrived on the deals and dealings he endured day in and day out. I love the work that I do, too – the people involved, the words I weave together, the outcomes that satisfy everyone.

My work is about building relationships and telling stories to help people grow their reach. What could be better?

And even in the softness of a quiet Saturday, I am happy to peel back the cover of this binder or that one, serenely delve into what is important for these clients I care about, and help them get where they need to go.


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