Worry. Anxiety. Work. Overload.

Thanks be to God for the arrival of the weekend.

When can I take my next vacation?

I need a break. Badly. Everything is so HARD.

Sound familiar? What a shame. I know it, too, but in rereading some wise words by Swami Parthasarathy recently, I remembered why life can seem so hard.

Because we succumb to worry.

Because we relive the past.

Because we fear the future and what *might* happen.

Forget about it.

None of it matters, and none of it exists, actually.

Yes, I’m right. Stop arguing it. Just accept. The truth is that if you’re in this moment right now, passionate about what you’re doing, about serving others, about loving the work for the sake of the work and not for what it brings you, then everything works out.

There is peace within and peace without.

If you look at people with a smile and a heart full of kindness.

The need for the weekend, or vacation, or time off, or a break, a “personal” day, comes from the belief that our regular lives are just too tough to bear.

Is that really true?

Let’s take a good hard look at our lives in the modern world. We live in secure homes with warm blankets and windows that lock.

Our refrigerators are stocked with more food than we can consume. We regularly throw out things that have gone bad or gotten too old to eat.

We have more pairs of socks than days of the week. Our bras are lacy and decorative and cost $40 a piece.

Our biggest concern is to find the nicest hotel, or the newest car, or a $4 cup of coffee just to wile away the morning hours.

I mean, really.

Our lives are not so bad.

In fact, they’re not bad at all.

So where did we get the mistaken notion that we need frequent breaks? That we will break under the unbearable load of This Life?

I think we need a reset, all of us.

A deep breath to start each day and perhaps a few moments of prayer or meditation.

The flickering light of a lit candle. The quiet hush of a pillow-soft conversation with each child, smart phones turned off, eyes connecting in a loving gaze.

A real accounting of What We Have: things, money, opportunities.

Even when we are out of work or lose a client, or when we make a mistake, we recover. Most of us are not on the street.

Are we helping the people who do live on the street?

And if not, why not?

In our blessed state, let’s gain a true perspective. Life is good, and it’s up to us to see it that way.

It is a choice to be overwhelmed and misunderstood. It is a choice to bemoan our lives.

I choose to love my life, to wake each day with gratitude for another chance to change the world.

I choose to love the people around me, even the ones who challenge me or are challenging.

I choose to love the rain and the snow and the sunshine and the cold and yes, the surprising warm days in early March.

I choose.

Do you?

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