Some days just slip away from me.

Today was the usual swirl of getting-ready-for-school, then a deep satisfying meditation on the family room floor, cowboy boots in the corner, phone plugged in.

But then, when I forgot the location of the speaking engagement, the scramble began. Leslie and I jumped in the car and got there in plenty of time but the equilibrium was shattered, the calm off-kilter.

So ok, you rebound and reconnect with the heart and in no time, I was speaking to a quiet room of lovely entrepreneurs about what it really takes to grow your business, and how everything comes from the heart. Higher purpose. Vision, mission and all that jazz.

And I realized that when you speak about what you know in the depths of your soul, the truth emanates like the sun shining bright on a cool fall day. When you come from the heart and really care about what you do, everything sings, and everybody feels cared for.

We finished there before noon and made our way back to the office, and by then it was midday. The computer beckons. So many emails to respond to. The phone calls, voice mails, texts. Lunch at 1:30 with lovely Sue, and we talked about business development and branding and going for what you really believe in so you can sleep at night.

We ate outside on the patio with the autumn sun warming and my jean jacket still on. It’s just not that warm today, but warm enough to feel good. The vegetarian risotto was creamy and satisfying, a bit on the salty side, and her salad swam in vegan delight. The water tasted a little funky, but we masked it with lemon.

And back again to the office, for a satisfying coaching call with a wonderful entrepreneur in California and then wow, the day is done, the sun is on the other side of the building and the traffic noises have slowed outside on Northwestern.

Our typing is slower, our hands are tired. I have to speak again tonight, this time about bread and holiness and the universal truths of faith. It will be a small crowd in a living room and everyone will be friendly. Easy. No risk.

I’ll stop at the soccer game before then just to blow kisses to the kids in my swirly dressy and cowboy boots and then off again in my trusty car to my final destination of the day. 

All in a day’s work.

The key is knowing what my unique and unparalleled work really is, how I can serve the world, make this existence even better than ever before. Not just for me, but for all of us.

No small job. Actually quite a big one and the most important work in the world: to help people feel happy, whole and safe, full of meaning, like their path leads them to a better place where the soul connects with our consciousness and everything flows, exactly as it should.

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