Yesterday I received my spiritual name: Siri Nam Kaur.


I have a Hebrew name, too, you know – Leah Masha – given at birth in memory of relatives. Just like my English name was chosen in memory of beloved deceased family members.

So we step into this world and someone else takes a look or offers a hope and a dream on our behalf and says, this is what you shall be named. We have no choice in the matter, and no veto power, and we grow up for better or for worse (and often both) with the names bestowed on us at birth.

In fact, my maiden name, Lynne Cohn, always sounded like a doorbell to me. Ding dong – Lynne Cohn! So as a writer, in young adulthood, I inserted my middle name in the byline to make it more literary, more eloquent, more poetic in my eyes, Lynne Meredith Cohn.

My parents didn’t see it that way, and I’m sure my mother didn’t enjoy the critical feedback. Just like I chose names for my children that I believed were significant and beautiful and appropriate for each of them at the time of their birth.

Do we grow into our names? Do they guide our evolution? Do they thwart our growth? And whatever we believe is the answer to these unanswerable questions, is who we are in any way related to what we call ourselves – or what others call us?

Rather, isn’t it what we believe deep down at the core about ourselves that directs our path in life?

So this spiritual name thing. It was a fun little exercise inspired by my yoga friends. I doubt I will use it – or maybe I will! – but it is interesting to see what messages the universe sends us.

Back when I was first religious in the Orthodox Jewish world, I remember feeling like I had a foot in the secular world and one in the Jewish community. A friend of mine who guides people toward becoming religious said, “It’ll feel more cohesive once you start going by your Hebrew name.”

Um, what? I wasn’t planning to have people call me Leah instead of Lynne, ever! (And I never did, by the way, in 10 years of being religious.)

My career, my reputation, my view of my self all came with the name Lynne. I doubt I would have answered to Leah if called out across a room.

And I surely won’t answer to Siri Nam.

But what I love about all these different names is the message inherent in having them:

1. I’m not alone in this world. I am enveloped in the embrace of beloved individuals and spirits whose journeys somehow intersect, influence or inspire mine.

2. At birth, and throughout my life, I am gifted with the honor of sharing namesakes or sharing the art of naming.

3. Rather than just being a face in a crowd, I have an identity. And it’s not just mine alone – it’s a combination of all the paths before mine that I envision as intersecting lines connecting at the center like a big shining sun. That’s me. That’s where I stand!

(Oh – do you want to know what my Kundalini spiritual name means? Read on…)

You have been blessed to live as Siri Nam Kaur, the Princess/ Lioness who experiences the greatness of her soul by immersing herself in the God’s divine Name.

Siri means great.  Nam is the Name or Word of God; spiritual identity.  Kaur is a name that all women receive – the Princess/Lioness of God who walks with grace and strength throughout her life.  Yogi Bhajan taught that every woman has the potential to attain this divine state and encouraged all to manifest it. 

The name Siri Nam Kaur enhances your potential to hold God’s Name or Word in your heart and on your lips all throughout your busy, active days.  Siri Nam is a beautiful practice of always remembering God.  Keep your mind and heart open to this divine state of consciousness.

The power of your spiritual name is that the more you speak and hear it, the more it permeates your being, opening you to experience its nadh (universal inner sound current). Consciously merge with the vibration of the nadh to come into harmony with your highest destiny.

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