What’s It All For?

Sometimes I wonder what we’re doing here. Really, what are we doing here? What is the point of our days and our work and our emotional roller coasters and our waking and our laying down?

We are born into a moment of passion and wanting and then put on a life path toward some goal. In some families or communities, it’s just the way things are – you’re born, you grow up, you learn, you advance, you accomplish, you obey, you finish.

I just finished reading a book about adopting baby girls from China. The novel, Ann Hood’s The Red Thread, shares the situations of the women who give up the babies as well as those of the people who adopt them. The emotions, the daring, the societal expectations and assumptions and judgments.

And it amazed me at how greatly we let the opinions of others direct our lives. How dearly we cling to our emotions rather than standing tall in our intellect toward a greater purpose.

I know only a select few people who live life by their intellect rather than their emotions. They are always happy, inspiring, doing great work, being wonderful friends and guides. They have purpose and they are free from the crippling effect of what if no one likes me, what if no one approves…

And there are so few of them.

With my forthcoming book, The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads, I am focusing on how all is good, how we are all similar, linked, connected by belief and by ritual. You know I love my work. I love interacting with well-meaning people and helping spread the message of what is important to them.

But that doesn’t mean everyone operates at optimal levels. At least now I can spot unhealthy behavior patterns from a distance and do my best not to get entangled in them.

Still, they exist. In some workplaces, they prevail.

What, I wonder, keeps people in those unhealthy spirals? Why not break the pattern? Why do people stay so long at a party that is unhealthy and demeaning?

So all this wondering brings me back to the question at the top of the blog – what is the point of it all? Really? Do you have an answer? Because today, as the sun beams onto metro Detroit and cool spring air kissed with the promise of awakening wafts through my open window. It’s a beautiful day and yet I ponder these questions because all the people muck it up.

Or make it beautiful.

Worth it.

You decide.

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