The Truth About Chemistry

I’ll tell you a dirty little secret: if you don’t have good chemistry in an relationship, you’re doomed to fail.

In a marriage, that chemistry is equal parts best-friends-love-to-be-together and awesome, mind-blowing, frequent sex. I am not joking. Sex is an important binding factor in a long-term romantic relationship and if you think you can do without it, or you’ll get by with mediocre connection and let’s-just-do-it-and-get-it-over-with, you’re sadly mistaken.

In other relationships, the sex part disappears but the enjoyment of time spent together is still important. I’m talking friendships, relatives, even work situations – honoring the line between professional and personal, I believe fully that in order to succeed in business, you must compile a team of individuals with synergy, with charisma, with a sincere desire to interact and connect and work together toward common goals.

Without chemistry, everything falls apart.

Conversations, collaborations, everything. Back-stabbing replaces hand-shaking. You can’t sit at your desk with ease; fear of betrayal leads your emotions alongside the desire for something, anything, better in a community of people you can trust.

I begin every relationship with the highest amount of trust. Prove me wrong. I assume the best and the most ability of those around me. I am in the process of bringing a new hire on at my company, Your People LLC, and the person I’d like to hire said in the interview process that she’s looking for a place to work where the people around her will care about her both inside and outside of work.

It was refreshing. Eye-opening. Real.

It’s that kind of synergy that builds relationships. And it’s relationships that build the world.

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