The Brilliance of Blogging: It’s All About Voice

I started this blog because I couldn’t open a cafe.

Seriously. It was 5 years ago and I was getting divorced and I had a one year old (and two toddlers) and it was just not possible to bring people together in the flesh in a breakfast cafe I wanted to call Nourish.

So I slapped up a blog and started to write. I also did it to get myself writing on a regular basis. And I started to tell my stories, my musings, my noticings of the world.

But over the years, I’ve learned a few things about the power of blogging, which I will share in depth next Wednesday at the Social Media Club of Metro Detroit’s next gathering. (Details here.)

1. Blogging is a way to build your voice and momentum. It is a way for you to get yourself noticed, and your brand. Storytelling, speaking, standing up for something you’re passionate about is a brand in itself.

2. Blogging is a great portal for sharing expertise. If you’re unique in your industry (and let’s face it, in today’s business landscape, you have to be otherwise your career withers and dies), you have something to contribute to the conversation. A blog is a great way to do it.

3. Blogging is a way of finding the stories of your life. It gives you sacred, quiet space every day or every so often to think about all these things swirling around you. Which inevitably gives you clarity and focus.

Here’s what I have to say for today:

My little guy is whining in my ear about how school is never fun. (Something to deal with as Kindergarteners should not feel that way!)

The sky is gray but I see bits of blue. The weather forecast threatens rain, but they said that yesterday so don’t believe everything in the weather report.

Ricotta cheese pancakes inevitably fall apart. It’s the effort that counts. Long live Passover foods.

You can find wisdom in a book the size of your hand. I’m reading a used copy of Buddhism: The Wisdom of Compassion and Awakening.¬†Suitable for all audiences.

Ponder the reason we give ourselves rules and which rules we choose to live by and which ones we buck. Food for thought.

Have a great day.

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