Every step is beautiful.

When I awoke, it was still dark, so I know we are moving closer to the season of pulling in, of leaves changing, of wrapping up in warmth. Meditated before the open screen as the sun rose, and all I could hear as I channeled a higher vibration were the birds talking.

Then I played tennis for an hour, and I was slow-moving, perhaps because of the rain. The world around me is so verdant and lush, I can’t help but welcome the showers and understand it’s all part of the way the world regenerates itself.

Eager to arrive at work, wrapped in the synergy of my corporate team, I feel lucky at every step. Everything is a gift, I am reminded.

And yesterday I realized once again that giving leads to more giving. What a wonder if everyone in the world embraced this concept of giving to others!

I donated my time and expertise for a pro bono PR campaign last year to help a worthy nonprofit spread the word and enhance attendance at its fundraiser. Now, they’re honoring me as volunteer of the year. I didn’t do it for an eventual award; I did it because I could and because it was right and because when you can give, it is so incredibly satisfying and energizing.

And now that I am the recipient of their honor, I will probably by a table of seats for the awards dinner – their giving me the award leads to me giving them more. And the circle keeps spinning.

Yesterday, I sat with a friend because she said she needed me. I walked away feeling like she gave me a gift to treasure, and that made me want to do even more for her.

You see, when we see the world from a view of taking, we cut off our connections with others and most definitely with all that is good and powerful. We lose any grasp with a Higher Power.

But when we see the world from a place of abundance, it becomes more abundant, more joy-filled, more existentially exceptional.

It’s not drab and rainy outside; it’s raining so the world can grow and refresh and LIVE.

Which would you choose?

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