I am loving packing.

Not the sneezing-because-of-all-the-dust-kicked-up part of it, but certainly loving the throwing-away of things I no longer need – and probably haven’t needed in quite a while.

In every room of this house, there is so much stuff. Almost 11 years of living here, stashing stuff there or here or under something else so that we didn’t have to confront the question of, how does this make my life better? 

The quick answer is, it doesn’t. Usually everything I find has long outlived its use. The only thing I am confounded about is the kids’ schoolwork. I’ve pared it down


to the very essentials – A+ tests and creative essays and beautiful art projects. What to do with it now?

I was going to take it in piles to Kinko’s to have it bound into books for the kids to put on their shelves, but I started sneezing again the minute I went through the dusty papers. I could hole punch them into three-ring binders. I could stash the pared-down piles into a plastic tote and put them away for another 10 years.

We are not quite ready to move, but we are getting there. Yesterday, we packed up the kitchen junk drawers and put the tablecloths I never use into the charity pile. (We’re taking a ton of stuff this Friday to Freedom House to donate to recent refugees – pots and pans and silverware and plates and tablecloths and clothing.)

We went through the board games and tossed whatever was mangled or incomplete, while putting the complete games into boxes for the new house. My file drawers echo with emptiness. Some files will go to the office and some I no longer need.

Last night, I asked Dan while walking through Royal Oak (two movies in two days – the bliss of no kids around!) whether he thought it was harder to pack than to unpack. He chose packing – going through everything, putting it into boxes or trash bags, unwinding a life well-situated.

I think unpacking will be harder. Opening a box, deciding where things go in the new place, what needs to hold what. Packing for me is great fun – it’s lightening, load-lifting, removing of obstacles. The Ganesha of home life. Eliminate whatever we don’t need and create space for something new.

P.S. Tons of great books that won’t make the move – if you’re looking for some, come on by and pick them up – my gift to you. Private Message me if you’re interested!

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