The Power of PR Connections

Over tea and cider, we got to know one another, lobbing ideas, brainstorms, and support for our respective solo PR careers. My day began today with three of us sitting down at centrally-located Bean & Leaf to put living, breathing, smiling faces to Facebook names and virtual posts.

There are many beautiful things about working alone and on your own time, but one missing element is the connection that comes from interacting with others. And so two of my Solo PR Pro colleagues and I made it a priority to get together in real time, and in the flesh, to deepen relationships that until today only existed online.

I feel energized. I feel awake. I feel part of something.

And that matters a great deal.

When we live inside our own heads, we get lost in ruminations and musings and fictions only we can create. We dive deep into the wallowing that comes from loneliness and lack of conversation.

And so one of the most important sustaining elements of life is the ability to be in relationship with others, where mutual benefit flows through our veins and a heart full of giving establishes strong connection.

I got that today.

This blog is named Nourish Cafe because I imagined it would be the place where I could feed the souls of my readers at a time in my life when I wanted desperately to open a cafe where people could come together in real time.

That was more than six years ago. The cafe has not come to fruition and probably won’t until my darling daughter graduates culinary school at some far point in the future and says she really does want to open a food business together.

And so until then, I resort to my virtual connections and words of support to nourish all of our souls by finding those isolated snippets of beautiful meaning in the mundane and share them here with you.

What are yours? How do you find meaning? Connection? Acceptance?

I once saw a therapist who said I needed to stop needing approval from others and find the approval within myself. Easier said than done when you grow up conditioned to look for that approving nod from others.

It’s true in part. We must approve of ourselves, love ourselves, live for the ideals we believe in and which are specific and special to us and us alone.

But we also hunger for community, even if each person’s ideal community looks different than the next.

This is one of my communities, my career community, and it is starting to become populated. Thank you to Karen and Joan for taking time with me and for me today. I can’t tell you how much it matters.

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