Pictures of Feet – Vacation Selfies

Have you noticed that the preferred vacation photos on social media channels are foot selfies? The person relaxing on a beach, on a lounge chair, in the clear waters of an inland lake, but all you see is their feet reflected in the bright sun that you clearly don’t have back home.

What a curious tradition! I’ve fallen prey to it myself. Just recently, as we skirted the northern shores of Lake Michigan along a two-lane road in the southern Upper Peninsula, my children waded into the clear waters of the cool lake and I snapped an iPhone pic of my bare feet beneath the surface of the water.

And, everyone’s feet look great in these photos – not a customary impression of feet for sure.

Did you know, you can get a glimpse of your total health picture just by glancing at your feet? You can detect everything from diabetes to nutritional deficiencies from feet.

Some cultures say the feet are the window to the soul. And yet more than 70% of all people in the U.S. will have painful foot problems at some point in their lives. What does that say about our emotional wellness?

So what is this curious trend of snapping shots of our toes as a testament to our good fortune and relaxation far from home? Weary travelers, rest your feet. Take a load off. Kick back and destress.

When I was in Bali a few years ago, known for its massage and reflexology, I engaged in an hour-long session focusing on my feet and calves. That night, I awoke amid the torrential warm rains and felt like my legs had been beaten up. The massage therapist had unlocked and released all the stress and tension I’d held.

There was a chart showing how every point on the foot corresponds to a point somewhere else in the body. Massage there and you’ll relieve upper-body stress and pain.

We are engines of flow, with channels of energy that can get clogged. Think of how much pressure we routinely put on our two little feet way at the bottom of our stature. To take a load off, and record it for posterity, not such a bad thing.

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