Logo_BestOfMichbusinessLast night, I stepped onto the stage, the spotlight shining on me in my black dress and high-heeled boots, and I held the heavy crystal award with my name engraved and smiled for the camera, posing with my fellow One Person Wonders at the #MichBusiness awards dinner.

My parents accompanied me, my husband, and my best friend. Clients were there, and colleagues. Friends, too. It was a community gathering of business leaders in SE Michigan, and I was among them.

Awarded the One Person Wonder designation from #MichBusiness, which emanates from the Michigan Business & Professional Association, I appreciated the description of this category, that a One Person Wonder juggles everything, professional and personal, business and pleasure.

Yep, that’s me.

I knew it, but it feels good to be recognized for what I do every day.

What meant even more was that my parents came to the dinner to honor me. At 44 years old, I am a long way from being home a paper with a gold star at the top and having my parents exclaim over my talent.

So when I invited them to join me, and they said yes without hesitation, it made the award extra-special.

As I grow older, I am ever aware of the losses we face in life. To love well means to risk loss and heartbreak. Which means we must cherish the moments, the relationships, and the good times we experience.

For as wonderful as this moment is, it is fleeting. The next moment brings with it all sorts of questions and confusion and we must treasure everything wonderful.

It’s also perspective. I don’t look at my schedule and gawk. It’s just what I do. I multi-task. I aim high. I soar because I believe I can.

Two years ago, I decided to shrink my company to be more in the work than in managing. I’m glad I did it. Ever since, I’ve been able to focus on what I love about what I do – the client interaction, the person-to-person storytelling, the heart-to-heart connections I can promote.

In public relations, I spend my days promoting other people and other organizations for the great works they do. It’s rare that I actually promote myself.

I don’t desire to be a big deal or notorious. I just want a good life.

And in my own way, that’s what I was recognized for last night.


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