“Notice every transition.”

Donna, at the Grosse Pointe Yoga Shelter. Leading Monday morning Vinyasa. I swear I thought she called it Strong Vinyasa, only because the class was hard and made me focus early on a Monday about questions and question marks and fault lines.

She was talking about the fluid move from pose to pose, from Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to Triangle pose to folding down and releasing through a push-up. Every change a chance to connect with the moment and the breath, with the thought and with the mind and yet to shut it off.

Notice every transition.

And the beauty of the statement was that she was really speaking on several levels. yes, the transition between poses but also the transitions in life, in relationships, in work and in play.

Aren’t we living in exceptional times? But really, all times are exceptional. What makes right now any harder? Is it that we have coasted for years, for decades, riding the wave of plenty and believing it would never crash to shore?

Notice the transitions. Which means that in the waiting, in the in-between, lies the challenge and the reward. In the transition, instead of focusing on the discomfort, the what-ifs and the fear, notice the actual BEING.

There is a bad energy circulating right now – whether from the economic recession of the past two years or because another year is ending and with it comes the transitional period until a new year and a new existence, a new way of doing things. It doesn’t mean we have to give in to the bad energy. Or that we even have to see it as BAD.

Perhaps it is alternative or confronting or arresting. Perhaps it is simply different. And the person who can shroud another in purple light as well as themselves and send out only positivity and joy and, well, love – that’s the person who will endure.

Transition that.

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