My Superpower: Making something delicious out of nothing

Call me the leftover chef. I’m really good at looking at what is in the refrigerator and freezer and putting together a multiple-course dinner that is delicious, satisfying and nourishing.

I did it last night, even. We were supposed to have Shabbat dinner at a friend’s house but her kids were sick, so I found a loaf of challah in the freezer and wrapped it in foil to put in the oven so it tasted just-baked.

I chopped the bok choy, red pepper and zucchini in the vegetable drawer and sauteed them together into a stir-fry. There was chicken in the freezer, which I warmed up, and meatballs too. I made a kick-ass salad with one of the most gorgeous avocados I’ve seen in a long time. I guess it really does matter where they come from.

The tomatoes were so gorgeous  and ripe, I had to roast them. There was pasta for the kiddos and brown rice for us. And since we hadn’t expected to be here for Shabbat, I didn’t realize we were out of candles and grape juice. Oh well – everyone got Apothic red wine and we used tall emergency tapers in the candlesticks.

It was beautiful and abundant last night, and great fun to put together the pieces we had into something lovely.

That’s the thing – we usually have exactly what we need to make life great. It’s here all the time. No magic secret, no hidden charm, no extra go-here, learn-this, spend-this-much–money. Bliss resides within. We just have to bring it to the surface.

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