I’ve let the last two days go without writing a blog – what’s that about? No time, busy beyond belief, uh oh – the same old trap I had climbed out of so many times before.

I came home from India in March, all grounded and spiritual about my approach to life. Begin the day with contemplation, meditation, yoga and spiritual text. Then go to work all elevated and enlightened, “high” on the natural knowing of the way this world works.

Do the best work possible in the hours I have in the office, then float home on a cloud of reverence to commune with my kiddos and make dinners that are not only nourishing but balanced for the soul.

Um, two months later and I’m running-running-running like that hamster on the wheel I never wanted to revisit. Up early and clicking on the phone to see who emailed or texted. Wrong!

Racing out the door to get to work to knock it off to check off to-do lists fast fast fast. Wrong!

And then, on Wednesday, I wore my favorite pair of flats to a client meeting and within an hour, the sole of one foot was in dire pain. Searing pain. Like I had stepped on a nail.

Which I hadn’t.

I hobbled home and put on sneakers which softened the discomfort somewhat, then had to pull on a pair of fancy heels for a speaking engagement Wednesday night. I hope no one watched me walk because it was not a pretty sight.

By Thursday, both feet agonized in pain and I didn’t know if barefoot was worse than shoes, flip-flops necessary or simply sitting down and putting my feet up until the pain abated.

I texted my massage therapist friend Fiona and begged for some time on her table. And then I mentioned, “I want to figure out what’s going on karmically.”

What are you afraid of moving forward with? She shot back.


You see, there is that spiritual link with everything around us. Pain is not just pain for pain’s sake. There’s always a deeper meaning. Illness comes from emotional discomfort, too.

I’ve long believed we don’t just treat symptoms, put on a Band-Aid. We get to the root cause and treat that.

So am I afraid of moving forward? Her text was like the brightest light bulb over my head. Um, duh!

I am on the verge of growing my business hugely. Big clients with big retainers. Hiring a second full-time employee. Expanding my cute little office from 500 sweet square feet to 1,200 by the end of the summer.

I made a decision in the last few months to take the leap and grow my company beautifully and organically. It’s interesting how you put it out in the universe and zoom! it happens that fast.

Growth is scary, too. Taking on the responsibility of full-time staff and expanded office settings – well, if you don’t make the space and build the team, you can’t welcome the growth.

So I’m jumping in, feet first, and hoping and praying and working toward a beautiful outcome of synergies and successes.

The pain will dissipate and I’ll walk comfortably again. I’ll return to my meditation and my yoga and my peace of mind.

When all is in balance, there is no pain.

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