My dad said this, this morning at our weekly breakfast. It was in reference to a comment I made about the new furniture we’re buying for the new house and how finally, at 42, I am going to have a house that flows and which has style and decor and thought behind its aesthetic.

In short, a grown-up house.

No more piecing together all the stuff from different life phases. No more mumbo-jumbo mismatch. We are living in this moment, with a sense of flow and direction.

I was telling my dad that probably my husband wouldn’t care if we designed the living room all pretty and mature or threw in some cheap couches from one of the mega-stores. But that deep down, once its done and the house has a sense of personality and US-ness, he’ll actually really love it.

We were also talking about the money thing – you spend so much money moving from one house to another. But it’s a one-time outlay and eventually you settle in and live your life and those expenditures over the life of your time in the house just really don’t matter or even amount to all that much.

And I was enumerating the bar mitzvah I’ve just planned for May 15, 2015, and the bat mitzvah we are planning for October 3, 2015, and how it’s all just money, out the window, out of our pockets, just money, and money comes and money goes.

Because it does.

So my dad said, “You only live once, Lynnie.” And I nodded because I know this is true. Money doesn’t follow you to the grave, and all that scrimping and saving and cutting corners and doing without doesn’t amount to much.

I’m not advocating living beyond one’s means in any way, shape or form. I am advocating living fully and honestly and reverently and with your own sense of style for this moment and this week and this month and this year because even though we probably have a lot of years ahead of us, you never know.


It’s just money. You only live once. Cliches, which have a lot of resonance. Truth behind them, which is why they’re repeated so often.

So here’s the couch I’m about to buy:

And here’s a light fixture I fell in love with:

And here’s the way it feels to live fully and deeply and honestly and love every minute of it (corny, yes, but I’m telling you, my soul feels like this every single day):


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