There have been clients I knew I shouldn’t work with because a little voice in my head warned me during the negotiation phase. And I did it anyway and ended up with a mess.

There have been times I’ve thought about buying something or going somewhere or having a conversation and I didn’t do it, even though the voice in my head was loud and clear and stern.

There have been arguments I’ve had that as I was saying the words, my stomach or my head told me to stop, or to use different words or just to listen to the other person – or that I was sounding an awful lot like someone I didn’t want to sound like.

Each time, it’s not a coincidence or a random thought. I’m not arrogant enough to believe that the universe starts and ends with me. Those gut feelings, those instincts, are my guides speaking to me and pointing the direction loud and clear. When we listen, we succeed. When we don’t, we trip and fall and stumble.

All around us, there are spiritual guides trying to help us succeed in life, but we can’t see them unless we tune in to a higher point of being. If you read my blog, you’re going to have to deal with the evolution of my touchy-feely spirituality because it is so strong, it propels me like a wind against a small sailboat braving the winter water on a cloudy afternoon.

Life is so much more fun when there’s a spiritual element to it.

Funny, when I was orthodox, I tried to pray every morning, but it just wouldn’t stick. I’d make excuses or get busy with things, but when I did it, I’d sway and pray the words written for me in a particular order in the prayerbook and try, very hard, to live the part of the world I inhabited.

It never felt like me.

Now, I wake early every morning to meditate. And honestly, I can’t wait to do it. It’s this little island of silence that is so incredibly powerful. The small act of meditating, twice a day, wipes out insecurity and anxiety and argument and chaos and restores order and focus and serenity. Really.

You can’t believe how many times a day I look at the clouds and say, “Ohmigod that is so beautiful.” On any kind of day.

I suppose I am more reverent, more god-fearing today than when I was religious. The only difference is, it’s on my own terms – not a proscribed script and set of beliefs that I can check off and know I’m a good fill-in-the-blank.

And the more I study spirituality and religion, the more I see that it’s all the same. We all believe the same and so many of our rituals are strikingly similar – what exactly is the basis for fighting over the aeons about religion? Remind me?

Today, I am starting with yoga and then moving on to calls and meetings. Then there’s dance class for three of my four kids and homework and breakfast for dinner and then sleep. Tomorrow, my father’s having knee replacement surgery so the focus will be on love and family and seeing him through safely and well. (Did you know they replace the knee with the knee bent? Very cool detail that Dad told me at lunch yesterday. The wonders of modern medicine.)

Any week in the normal course of a life has glimpses of the spiritual and lots of the mundane, but the mundane becomes heightened and poetic and special when you look at it through a spiritual lens.

A hike in the woods is not a simple stroll; it’s an elevating practice of peace-seeking. A conversation in a workplace isn’t just a means to get things done; it’s an opportunity to build connections and reverence and relationships that make everyone’s lives better.

The key to an elevated life is simply to pay attention. Listen to the words between the words. Immerse in the silences. Don’t be afraid of what you can’t see or hear – get excited. Because there is so much more there than meets the eye.

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