Letting the Universe Guide Your Way

What if you let go and let the voices in your head speak?

What if, instead of trying to steer the ship, you let the current of the sea beneath you take you where you need to go? What if you trusted that there was a bigger plan than you even knew and it was intended just for you?

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe they are in charge and those who know they aren’t.

I am not talking about God per se. I am talking about believing in your strength and knowing that it is a finite power intertwined with far greater powers than we can name.

When I don’t overthink things, the answers just come to me. When I don’t try to figure it all out, it works out perfectly. When I try to manipulate and massage and direct, I invariably hit a brick wall.

There is a certain flow our lives take. In the morning, it is quiet and your energy is fresh. It’s a perfect time to tap in to the mysteries around us. As we shuttle through our days, the pace picks up, the energy becomes frenetic, we go at full-speed. Not the best time for solitude – unless you take a break and go inward, let the current guide you.

By night, we are spent. It is only natural that we stay close to the ground and don’t over-exert. Why would you get your body all riled up before trying to fall into sleep?

I see it perfectly in the yoga I practice these days. Morning classes tend to be far more active and on your feet whereas evening classes are quieter, mellower, in subdued lighting and mostly on hands-and-knees or the ground.

Makes perfect sense. Follow the natural inclinations of your body – which is your soul directing you through the winds and bends of a day.

So many faiths give the unknown a name. Either one holy being or many. I recently visited a local Hindu temple in an interfaith event and was delighted by the colorful, movement-rich statues of the gods. All made of marble and shipped from India.

Symbols, stories, icons. The images of our collective knowing, imaginations on what we don’t know, can’t name.

From the minute we’re born, we are drawn to stories to make sense of our world. The smart business owners today use storytelling to grow their customer base, their bottom line, their existence. Stories are the fabric fibers that weave into a patchwork quilt of life.

And they are there without even trying. Today, if you can, get quiet for a bit. Listen to what you hear, what you feel, and the stories that emerge. In stillness, you’ll find truth. It always happens. And in there, the light to guide your way.

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