The Journey of Great Writing

You know how it is, to get lost in the words, drift onto a journey through time and place, love and hate, as you become one with the story. Great writing allows us to live beyond our mundane lives, consider other perspectives, join conversations we would otherwise not be privy to.

For some, the art of writing is in their blood. That’s me. I have written since I was old enough to hold a pen, and a day spent writing is for me a day sent from heaven.

For others, the very thought of writing turns the stomach. Fear and anxiety hold court as they muster up the courage to scribble the few sentences required of them, to get it over with, and quit the race to communicate as well as the next one.

It shouldn’t be that way. We can all string words into thoughts into monumental statements on the ordinary-ness of life.


She sat in the plush red chair of the TV station lobby, her arms on the rests, the TV blaring some local show she was supposed to know, and she watched the people interact in front of her. The primping entrepreneur in a new suit and old shoes. The gentle, energetic pastor in skinny jeans and a sharp blazer, her blond hair cascading like a waterfall. The man in the corner was the quietest of all, surrounded by all the pretty, preening women, waiting his turn to speak. It’s always like that, she thought. The men puff up with importance that never really exists.

A fat paragraph of details and observations. We can all notice the world around us. Why, just this morning, my little boy clambered onto my lap and dug in for a full body hug. I love moments like those.

Yesterday, he got a hair cut that is part hipster, part Army, but he still looks cute. The past two nights, he’s decided to sleep in his clothes.

This morning, he and I were the only ones awake, as happens most mornings, and our gaze drifted out the sheer window curtains to the rising sun, in all its golden rivulets. On the ground, a dusting of snow came softly in the night, like a whisper. Shaya beamed with the possibility of more snow, and time to play in it.

Just like that, my morning became poetic, worth writing about, something to note. And in my specific details comes the universality of my story to yours.

We all can relate to another’s journey. As I teach my writing students, when you get very specific and focused, more people can nod their heads in understanding. The specific becomes the universal.

We are all walking this journey of Life. Different paths, different details, different climates and outfits and menus, same journey.

In 27 days, I kick off my 21-Day Writing Challenge, a virtual guided journey to the Self. It’s easy and affordable and will be an energetic experience for people who either want to write more and better or just want to communicate well at work and at home.

Here’s how it’s going to work: every day, participants will receive an email with 2 writing prompts – one for creative writers, one for business writers. The email will also include a tip for getting published.

They’ll write on their own, but connect together in a community of writers on a private Facebook group. There, participants can post their writing, get & give feedback, make friends, and find encouragement.

It’ll be fun and fast. And affordable. It’s only $99 per person to sign up.

I hope you’ll consider joining me. Or perhaps you’ll help spread the word.

Register here.

It’s the new year in 15 hours here in Detroit, and a new start, a dawning of possibility for so many of us. I hope you’ll consider making good communication a habit in 2015. After all, it takes 21 days to make a habit stick – and this 21-day Writing Challenge is just the ticket.

(By the way, you can do it from anywhere – it’s a virtual program, with lots of community and support!!)

Connect with yourself in the new year. Make your words count. Make a difference in everything you say.

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