It’s Happening Again…Living at Extremes

Vacation was exquisite. Then I jumped back in to two full days of work.

Now, Friday morning has dawned with crickets singing outside the open windows. Finally, I turned off the a/c and let the cool morning saunter in.

While I was traveling over the last few weeks, I made time to meditate, to contemplate, to reflect, to hike and bike and swim, to really immerse in this thing called life.

When I returned, I took a day to get over jet lag and then it was full force, full days ahead of work work work. I have to satisfy my clients. I have to train my new employe (welcome, Leslie!). I have to get things done.

Where is the time for yoga? This is feeling awfully familiar – running at full-tilt and no clarity on when or where to fit in the things that make this a life. All work and no play makes me sink into bed at night confused and exhausted.

I wrote a few days ago that the transitions are the hardest, and that’s true. I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time massaging my schedule so that it contains a careful balance of work, play and inspired reflection. And then I get so immersed in being away, having new experiences, exploring this great big world, that I forgot all the careful blocks I’ve stacked so precariously.

I guess it’s true that life is a journey. We are on this path for growth and depth, so that at the end, we can really feel like we’ve accomplished something. Contributing meaning to the world doesn’t happen overnight.

So today is a day for correction. I have a little work to do, at home this morning. I had intended to go to 8:15 yoga with Shaya but decided to stay in bed. This afternoon, it’s me and the kiddos.

But first: I will pull up that cranky calendar and deliberately balance my days for the next week or two. We all need it – because when I am on track, the rest of the family is, too.

Age-old lesson. Enduring truth.

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