It’s Easier Than You Think

Choose-Happiness-Garden-000053135224_MediumSo many people have a trick.

Do this, and you’ll find happiness. Say this mantra, and you’ll find peace. Create this ritual to eliminate negative energy, or that meditation will ground you in confidence.

These tricks may work, and they might not. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect into believing that there is some magic spell or  action that will make everything easy and fun and happy.

I’ve tried them all, you know. Over the years, working with new age type businesses and people, I’ve always remained open to trying new things.

Meditation. Prayer. Yoga. Energetic mantras.

Sometimes they soothe, and sometimes I’m left wondering what the heck it’s all about.

I’ve come to believe that we run from discomfort in search of a quick fix to not feel it anymore. The thing is, there is no such thing. It’s not possible. And anyone who says it is, is lying to you.

Some things in life are just not easy, and that’s the truth. My 12-year-old is fond of whining lately, “It’s not FAIR!” And I find myself, like my parents before me, reciting the words, “No one said life would be fair,” when she does that.

Which is true. My 9-year-old nods his head and says, “Yeah, life isn’t fair.” Tragic or realistic?

The thing is, I am willing to bear the discomfort. Are you?

I know that I don’t know.

fisherman fishing in the middle of the lake

Any catastrophe before me is something I’ve made bigger than it needs to be, and I have the power to make it smaller too.

In my work, I have met people who’ve been to hell and back. Refugees who fled the only home they’ve ever known, their beloved native land, out of fear for their lives. They walked on foot miles upon miles to get to a new land where they hoped they’d find safety and a fresh start.

They languished in camps without income or medical attention for years before some generous nation – ours – took them in, no strings attached. And they arrive, not broken down or beaten, but energetic and hopeful, grateful for a new beginning, appreciative of the freedoms that define America.

If they can smile when the sun rises in the morning, we had better damn well be able to.

When I hear stories such as those, I look inwardly, long and hard, and revise my perspective. What we think is such a big deal really is not.

I know that I don’t know. I am willing to bear the discomfort.

Those of us with sensitive nervous systems, who are given to drama and emotion, have the power to strengthen. Reverse insecure thoughts to secure ones, endorse the Self. It is never too late to be kind to yourself.

And it is never too late to be kind to others.

None of us can prevent being triggered by outside circumstances, but it is our responsibility to not let it blow out of proportion. I have options. And so do you.

Stack-of-gravels-000076544093_MediumI wouldn’t want to live in dire straits, but I do believe I would have a greater sense of good and bad if I did. I have a cushy life. I am so incredibly blessed. My trials and hardships are so minor in comparison to what they could be.

I have a beautiful, solid roof over my head that keeps the rain out.

I sleep on a soft bed with plenty of blankets and the love of my life beside me.

In adjacent rooms, my wonderful, intelligent, kind children slumber in comfort.

We have educational options for everyone that are incredibly diverse and multifaceted.

The food in my refrigerator is abundant and I have money to buy more when I need to.

Life is good. Hear those words: life is good.

I awaken to the sunshine this morning grateful for a new day and cognizant of the myriad blessings that surround me every day. Let’s focus on that.

Sometimes we think we need outside help to get straight or successful, to gain confidence or perspective.

The real truth is, everything we need we already have. Meditate on that.

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