It’s Amazing That Anything Gets Done

Yesterday I had an out-of-body experience.

My children were reading in the family room and I was working, then making dinner, when it occurred to me how surreal our lives are. That we juggle so many things, run to so many destinations, manage multiple lives in one. How do we do it?

And then, when something happens, like a grandmother in the hospital or a daughter in need of a doctor’s appointment, the planned-for plans fall away and somehow, life manages to go on, work does not get too interrupted, and all is well.

So were the meetings we had scheduled essential or not? If they are utterly dispensable, were they necessary in the first place?

And why do we scurry about so much?

At 41, I am focusing my life in a pinpoint of light, narrowing the focus more and more as I refine my priorities. I work, I am a mother, I am a writer, I am a member of a large loving family. All of these things happen at once. And I used to do more. The more is falling away and it feels so good because I am at a point where I must focus on What Matters instead of What Doesn’t.

For today: what matters is the people. (Isn’t that always the case?) A house blessing at 10 for my client, Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County, welcoming two media individuals I have never worked with until now.

Then a meeting with a new client and a meeting about my speaking engagement next week in Atlanta.

Then lunch with Dad. (Always important.)

Then several hours to work.

There are clients I need to connect with and public relations/marketing programs I need to refine and focus, but I must trust it will all happen in time. Each day, a series of hours and minutes to fill with meaningful work.

Every morning and every night, a series of hours and minutes to fill with love for those essential individuals whose relationships fuel everything else.

There must be a better way than running like a hamster on his wheel. And if there is, you can bet I will discover it.

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