It’s All About Relationships

When I started in my second career, leaving journalism for marketing/communications, I focused on building relationships between companies and their clients. It is still what I do today and it is proving to be the slow-and-steady-wins-the-race approach to building business.

I’m happy with this premise. I love what I do. And it amazes me that when I reflect on my 38 years, on all the varied experiences I’ve had and created, relationships are at the core of everything.

You may say that’s a given, a “duh”! But it’s not. I more than most have trained my energies and my desires on relationships above all else. There are moments when I lament that I didn’t go to Harvard or live abroad because I was so focused on the relationships of the moment.

Now, I realize that relationships were my raison d’etre. That it’s ok, that we gravitate toward what we need and what we do well, whether we want to or not.

How many of us spend our lives perfecting the art of the message? Navigating the bumpy road of communicating?

Today, I beseech each of you to think about what it is that drives you, what your core focus is, what you were meant to do. I teach my children that we are put on this earth to help make it a better place, to contribute positively to the future. I am imbued with this message because otherwise the moments are meaningless.

Have a good day. Make sure you do.

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