It’s a New Day in Lake Geneva

Has it really been a week since I last blogged? Maybe even longer. So here’s what has ensued while I was living life, rather than writing about it. (Surely, there must be a way to do both!)

* Tree-lined old streets in Edwardsville, Illinois for 4th of July with my three kids. Beautiful time with the bro and his fam – six cousins splashing in a new pool, the little boys peeing on the bushes just because they could. A 5-year-old hero grabbed a 2-year-old who forgot her life jacket. And we watched movies, too.

* Drove along sunshine-lined highway, ducking under the outline of lakes, to a Midwest resort for the Yoga Journal conference. Here, I am discovering my purpose while assisting others in finding their own.

* Dinner, quick one night, with my wonderful husband. (Why do I hear Michelle Duggar’s voice every time I put those two words together?) At our usual Beverly Hills Grill, with a familiar salad and glass of red wine. Then dessert at Cork. Because it’s always good to shake things up.

* A morning inspired by a session on Building Community. It’s not the content; it’s the charisma. Thank you, Deborah Williamson. Time to do what I love. No more waiting.

* A screen door open to hear the soothing play of fountains, the view of green leafy trees (birch, a big one, my favorite, right beyond my balcony) and a small little lake. The view as far as I can see, green expanse, uninterrupted. Because that’s the beauty of what occurs naturally.

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