Is Bigger Really Better?

I don’t have a problem with big per se.

Especially when a company wants to grow, grow, grow and reach everyone, be everywhere, dominate the market. Well, ok, maybe I do have a problem with it. I hate that mom-and-pop bookstores have all but disappeared under the pressure of big-box chains. (We won’t mention the Borders trajectory.)

This country was built on the sweat of hard-working “everymans” who devoted their lives to providing a service or a product to the community. But community-focused shops no longer exist as the backbone of American commerce. Just like I can step into a synagogue anywhere in the world and recognize the words and the tunes, I can go to any city in America – and in many parts of the world, in fact – and recognize the landscape.

It makes me sad.

I have built 4 years of business into a finely focused desire to help small to medium-sized businesses build their reach by building relationships and, on the eve of a new year, I am ever more dedicated to staying small, lean and nimble.

I work out of my house and I aim to stay that way. Why should I take on overhead and admin costs when I do great work from my home office?

Your People LLC will only take on 5-8 Platinum clients in 2012 so we can focus our efforts and really accomplish. I don’t need to be a millionaire; I need to be happy, do work that I love and have time with my children before they’re on their own.

The thing about small independent companies is that they can shift and change on a whim, to meet a need or create a new focus. I read an article recently about how a big company acted like a small company so it could do good – and a story like that warms my heart. I’m glad to see that some big companies try to meet local needs.

This Fast Company article asserts that “just 2% of Americans produce food for the rest of us.” Appalling. “Relationships were missing in this business,” said Sysco Grand Rapids produce manager Denis Jennisch. He met with farmers and found a way to provide local produce to local customers.

The reason I prefer small and nimble to big and everywhere is that you can’t have relationships on a national level. Relationships take place from one human being to another and in this connection era. relationships are everything.

I’d rather focus my business on being real and making a difference than being everywhere and feeding no one.

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