When I was a freelance journalist, I made it a priority to take a business-building trip at least once every year.

I met with editors in New York City at magazines I wanted to break into. I visited Des Moines, Iowa to shake hands with Meredith Corporation creatives. I applied for writers seminars and attended conferences to help improve my craft, my focus, and my connections.

It was the best investment in my career. And in myself.

In the last few years, since I started Your People LLC and dove into single motherhood, I forgot about this important principle of business: constantly improving what you do so that you can do it better.

So next week, I’m heading out of town on two business-building endeavors. One is Seth Godin’s Medicineball seminar, which I applied for and got accepted to along with 40 other entrepreneurs from around the world. Really. People are coming from Australia and South Africa and Amsterdam. I’m taking a leap and spending the money and time to invest in ME so that I can be better, do better, and work better.

I’m also attending a Yoga Life Coaching seminar with Deborah Williamson, a new Your People client. It’s an investment in my client relationship with Debbie and also in myself – to know better what my client does and what I can do for her.

That’s why, in 2012, I am teaching a series of seminars to help business owners and individuals working in small companies and startups promote themselves. It’s an investment in their business, in their product or service, in their time, vision, focus and energy.

An intimate group of 20 participants will learn how to spread the word, how to reach potential clients, how to build relationships that last so their businesses can grow and thrive. Taking time out to clarify your focus is the best investment for your business.

We have a few spots left in our January seminar – please consider registering today. And, we’re offering a special deal: buy someone the gift of a spot in our seminar and you’ll get half off your own tuition.

The question is – what are you worth? Is your idea, your business concept, your future worth investing in?

You better believe it.

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