Inner Worlds vs. Real World

Boy, the drama we create.

Think about it: you’ve interacted with someone, sometime, or fielded an awkward email, or some conversation sent you into a fit, when really, as you gained time and perspective, you realized it was no big deal.

We create dramas in our heads all the time. Are our lives so empty that we need to add some exhilaration, or excitement? I can’t imagine that our ancestors who toiled in the fields, worked from sunup to sunset, made their own clothes, walked miles to a one-room school ever sat about analyzing conversations or what a particular sentence meant.

It’s the world we live in. Or maybe it’s in our heads.

The outside world is this beautiful creation of constantly moving parts – wind, sun, insects chirping, birds singing, trees waving, grasses with all kinds of life scurrying about between the weeds. Animals collect food to store for leaner times. They fend off predators. They hide in danger.

In the natural world, there is no room for superficial conversation, or analysis, or worrying-wondering-agonizing over anything. It just IS. 

Have you ever sat on a beach or on an airplane or in a hotel or with a cocktail at happy hour somewhere and just experienced that moment without thought or forward-backward view?

It is absolute bliss.

Last weekend, Dan and I hiked among sandy trails toward breathtaking views of the ocean.  The walk back up was entirely different than the walk down – same trails, different beams of sun angling in a new direction, incline vs. descent, different turns and different views. It was that every-moment, one step after the next, heart beating in your throat, knowing you are so very alive.

Can we be that way in our work? Just immerse, look at the task in front of you, not think beyond it to outcomes and bottom lines? I’ll tell you, when you reach that moment – and it does happen – that’s when you do your best work and ensure your absolute profit. Only then.

So here’s the challenge for today: BE PRESENT. Many, many times, in many, many moments. Don’t look ahead. Don’t look behind. Immerse in whatever presents itself to you because that is what is meant to arrive. Enjoy it. Don’t look back.

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