As a long-time member of the media, I always bristle when someone attacks “the media” for having slants, bias and irresponsible reporting. “But what about those of us who ARE responsible,” I’d offer back.

Now it’s my turn to wag a finger at the media and scream to the rafters. Whenever Israel is covered – I don’t care whether the media outlet is liberal, conservative or upside-down – the slant is against the Jewish State and in favor of anyone and everyone else. Every time.

I just can’t stand it. And what’s more, I am perplexed by this very consistent truth.

One nation, one tiny little country, in the middle of the Middle East, with no compassion or compatriots. Throughout the history of man, nations have conquered and retreated, tousled and made peace. It’s in the history books. Territory changed hands, nationalities were up for grabs.

We study it as history, impassively, non-judgmentally – this is what happened.

Any move that Israel makes, well, forget that. It’s not a part of history – it’s an outrage! Return land to others, everybody declares. Even though many left of their own free will, not wanting to live among Jews. It’s so one-sided, I almost want to throw up.

So for the past two years, militants in Gaza have been firing rockets at Israel consistently and constantly. Israel decides to fire back and take out the leader of insurgent Islamic group Hamas, and suddenly all the papers, conservative and liberal and upside-down, are wagging their accusing fingers at Israel. You’re to blame. You’re wrong. Shame on you.

So one-sided. Where is the fair and balanced coverage? Why is every headline screaming of how many Palestinians killed, and in parentheses commenting on how they are women and children, not to mention that many of them jump in front of rockets and hurl rocks, no mention of how parents send their small children out to do their fighting and then wail when they fall in the crossfire.

What parent uses a child as a human shield? How can we stomach that?

I have and always will stand with Israel. I have been on that precious soil, kissed its earthy ground, and felt more safe in Israel than anywhere else in the world.

I have long marveled at the strength and power and determination of MY PEOPLE – though I am not Israeli and never have been, I feel as though it is a home to me.

The fact that every boy and girl at age 18 enters the Army proudly and fiercely. That the Israeli Army is the most powerful, most strategic, most impressive military in the world. That this tiny little besieged nation has persevered for 64 years despite all odds.

It’s the best argument I’ve ever heard for existence of a God.

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