Yesterday I had a conversation with a friend and colleague about whether what we were working on was the path we were supposed to be on. You see, it wasn’t going easily. Though we’ve spent many hours on the tasks at hand, and adroitly at that, there have yet to be results.

It was a philosophical conversation to be sure. I know we both have the ability to get where we want to go – the question is, is that where we should be heading?

Perhaps the lack of immediate results means we’re on the wrong path.

You see, when things are meant to happen, they happen easily. No obstacles. No struggles. Things just unfold.

But when they don’t unfold, no matter how hard you try, then perhaps you’re heading in the wrong direction. Or the path is tilted. Or somehow, you’re supposed to go a different way that you can’t yet see.

So often in life, we swim upstream when we don’t have to. We are not the proverbial salmon who must swim against the current to spawn.

Getting in the flow isn’t easy, of course, except when it is. Getting quiet in meditation, in nature, in the Self, each and every day is a really good start. And doing that every day will ensure that eventually, you’ll be in the flow all the time.

So I came home from San Diego on the red-eye Sunday night, landing at 5:20 a.m. Monday. Lost Sunday night entirely in a way and then I was full-on in Monday with kids clamoring to welcome me home.

Meditation didn’t happen yesterday. I was trying to stay awake. And this morning, it was a brief check-in when really, I want my meditation to lead my day, not fit into it.

It’s all a process. When we are plugged in to Source and the higher Self on a regular, daily basis, it is easier to do so.

It’s all about the priorities we set and keep to. If something is really important, it’s just what you do.

Back when I was religious, I tried very hard to pray every morning. It never gelled. I wasn’t in the right framework.

But meditation? Most of the time, my soul pulls me to do it. I can’t wait. The feeling I get afterwards, which infuses my whole day, it’s so worth it.

And the clarity, the messaging, the view of what IS vs. what should be, well, that’s just priceless.

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