Well, of course I don’t. I love it. It’s easy, it lacks accountability and you don’t have to face anyone.

But then there are the times (so many times!) when an email pings into my inbox or sails out into someone else’s and all hell breaks loose.

I didn’t mean to say it that way, he says or I say, but the thing is, that, devoid of voice inflection and looking someone in the eye, we have no way of knowing what the intended tone and sentiment are with email.

That’s the precariousness of our world today.

Everyone is hiding behind superficial modes of communication with the illusion of friendship and connection. We are offended by being unfriended but we were never truly friends with so many of the people we “talk” to every day, so why the righteous emotion?

We send quick little notes instead of having heartfelt conversations. We fear the voice and hide behind the written word.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the written word. I am quite eloquent in the written word. And frankly, when faced with face-to-face interaction, I may get tongue-tied or stumbly. I am not so quick-thinking on my feet, in the face of things. I need time to marinate, to digest, to come up with the right words.

And when I do, boy, are my words right.

Except that without that softness of caring, they lack something.

Is there a solution in this day and age?

I think it goes back to an earlier blog. Slow down, take my time, communicate clearly, wait before hitting send.

Pretty good advice in any situation, right?

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