Having a Clear Vision of How Things Work

When I was a journalist, I’d pitch a story, get the assignment, do the research and interviews, then finesse the words so the story sang on the page. It was fun, it was poetic, it was artistic. It was a simple process, really.

PR and Marketing can be simple but whenever people are involved in a process, it somehow gets muddled.

Picture this: I’m in a meeting with a client and I lay out all the possibilities of what Your People LLC can do to bring attention to their company, to their product, to their event.

We can tell their stories to the media and hope they’ll pick up on it. But then the client has to deliver on the increased attention.

We can tell their stories in ads on the radio, on TV, in newspapers, and online. But then the client has to deliver on the increased attention.

We can plan events to drive people into the store or place of business. When we get the people there, the client has to deliver on the increased attention.

It’s all about relationships and about follow-through. There are the steps that companies like mine create to drive traffic and attention. And then there are the processes that a company has to have in place, seamlessly and without fail, to handle the what-happens-now.

Seth Godin wrote a great blog yesterday about doing the work. Back when I was Orthodox, I read a book called Thou Shalt Not Want, about the religious take on work and income. Its quick point: you have to do the appropriate amount of work to earn enough – not kill yourself, not slough off.

Bottom line: Marketing and Public Relations do not include a magic wand to instantly make more money and nab more customers. We all have to do the work and build relationships in order to improve business. Bottom line.

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