Gaining Perspective: New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

This is going to be the year of simplifying and slowing down.

It has to be. 2012 and really the past few years have been on overdrive, going, doing, busy-ing, with every weekend seeming busier than the last when all I’ve wanted was time and quiet and reflection and peace.

It’s our own doing, of course, to be so damn busy. And here I thought I was one of the parents who bucked the over-scheduling trend. Turns out, with four kids and an exponential number of interests, talents, and activities, you do the math on how many quiet after-school schedules are possible.

But it’s possible when we resume our position at the steering wheel instead of leaving life on auto-pilot.

We set a budget and are paying off debt. We are putting more in savings, and making more foods from scratch. We are eating at the source rather than processed and manufactured (though that’s not new in our house for 2013 – we’re doing way more of it. Look for a blog on us making our own butter, cream cheese and more…)

Less travel. More staying home. More fresh air Michigan hikes and art projects in the basement with the kids and less TV (if that’s even possible), less electronics.

We’re getting rid of the home phone line because how many phones do we really need? (And how often do we even use it?)

Looking at life as a classroom. 

What I want for the new year ushered in late tonight is lots of smiles and calm, more meditation and yoga and teaching and speaking and writing. Finally getting my novel into the world (it’s all on me to revise; publisher’s waiting).

I want travel that lets us breathe fresh air and cook over a crackling fire. Fewer airplane rides. Less noise.

I want to resume writing for an hour each morning and making poems. I want to hear the lyrics of the songs on the radio. I want to be able to see through the windshield despite a winter storm.

Anything is possible when you want it enough. In 2013, I’m turning in a new direction. More time with my kids, fewer fake friendships. More deliberate decisions about whom to surround myself with, how to spend my time.

More reading books that I can’t put down.

More consciousness.



I’m excited for the year ahead. Hopefully the focus will spill over.

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