All last week, I was aware of how high we were – 6,200 feet elevation (Colorado Springs), 14,110 feet elevation (Pikes Peak summit), 8,750 feet elevation (Snow Mountain Ranch), 5,280 feet elevation – a mile high! (Denver). And then we came home – zero elevation?

We may be in the lowlands, near sea level, but I have to argue that we are not without elevation here in Detroit. Yes, I’ve fallen off the meditation wagon (it happens when your daughter ends up in the ER in Granby, Colorado and you’re chasing a chipmunk out of the halls of the ranch). But that doesn’t mean being home has to be devoid of higher ground.

And yes, I am using the metaphor here. There is literal elevation – altitude headache-worthy, incredible views. And there is the other kind of elevation – looking at the sky and seeing the brilliance of creation, seeing an email/poem/letter/article and being elated with new knowledge.

Going to a yoga class and realizing you are more than just a body. Interacting with a friend or family member and knowing what love really is.

There is elevation everywhere, not just at higher ground – if we care to notice it.

So last night, I slept with the window open after having read more chapters in my amazing book (The Clouds Beneath the Sun by Mackenzie Ford) and slept long and sound until my little guy crept into bed beside me before the alarm. At dawn, I started the soup for dinner and made a pumpkin souffle. I used to love cooking in the early morning, but since life has gotten so busy, it has seemed like an obligation, not a luxury.

Not today.

Today, I whisked the eggs with the pumpkin and poured the familiar batter into a baking dish. There are flavors with so much familiarity as to evoke a time of year, a state of mind, a period of time.

It is all the brilliance of life, really. And today, I am searching for that Mitten State elevation – because I know it exists, at every elevation.

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