Communication Feeds Relationships

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: the world turns on an axis of relationships.

This philosophy drives my business, and it drives my personal life. If you don’t communicate well with the people you want to be connected to, interact with or do business for, well then, you’re alone on a deserted island.

There is never a quick fix for something real. A real relationship takes time to build. A good tennis game requires practice, focus and repetition of strokes. It’s a great metaphor for pretty much everything.

In last Sunday’s Detroit Free Press, columnist Mitch Albom wrote about how we are a pill-popping nation, in a story about how his 83-year-old father takes a scarce number of meds.  The doctors were stunned to learn this – as it is apparently a rarity in this day and age of our national landscape.

The thing is, pop a pill and you momentarily mask whatever symptoms lurk beneath the surface. You don’t fix anything. You don’t resolve the root of the illness, you don’t come up with answers for problems. It’s fast. It’s easy. It’s mind-numbingly quick.

But it’s not an answer.

Nothing good happens fast. And everything good needs time to marinate, needs strong intellect behind it, needs the light of knowledge.

Walk blindly in the dark and you’ll bump into walls.  

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