I have a friend who set goals for her business a year ago, achieved them all and now is recalibrating and focusing her career in a new direction. She’s bold. She’s brilliant. She is following her gut instinct to a path that suits her.

So what if it isn’t what she initially set out to do?

The only way we know if what we’re doing is right for us is by doing it, trying on different hats and outfits, and discarding the ones that don’t flatter our figures.

The story about following one career path, doing one job, establishing a life map at 22 and living it until you die, well, that is history as much as it was bad advice. Don’t we constantly change and grow? Every experience we endure changes us and so don’t be surprised when the path you thought you were on veers left or right.

In my 20s, I wanted to publish a book by the time I was 30, write for a national magazine, become a mother, work for myself. I did it all before 30 and then I faced a blank canvas – what to do now? Next?

Isn’t that freeing? Fun? It actually is both. Not fear-inducing. Not scary. Not stupefying.

Get what you want. It’s within your reach. And then aim for something else.

I fully believe we are put on this planet to make a difference. We don’t know at the beginning or even halfway along our journey what, exactly, our unique contribution will be or how it will look. So you’ve GOT to try on a ton of different sweatsuits before you find the one that drapes just right.

Yes, I meant to make you laugh there. Who knows – maybe my next direction includes a bit of humor. God, wouldn’t that be new? 

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