“I can see there are some of you who just aren’t interested in trying this pose at all,” the yoga teacher chuckled.

She weaved in and around the yoga mats of the 24 of us who showed up for class this morning. We’d been through all the Sun Salutation As and Bs, got into harder flows, and finally we were facing a suggested attempt to balance on strong hands or arms with our legs pretzeled behind and out.

I smiled as she said it; I sat cross-legged on my mat, stretching and twisting to wring out my body. I was one of the not-trying.

It’s my typical response when a yoga class makes it way to a balancing pose where the legs are supported on the backs of the arms or out to the side or fully up in a head- or handstand. I can’t explain it; I’m not a quitter and I try hard not to avoid things that are hard.

In fact, when my kids were deep into dance, and they’d go head-down on the living room carpet, legs propped on their arms as if it were the easiest thing to do, I thought to myself that I must be able to do this if it came so easily to my children. They weren’t afraid. They weren’t tumbling over and breaking their necks.

So what was I afraid of? What AM I afraid of?

Today, it came to me. These are balancing postures, and I’ll be the first to admit that one thing that eludes me on a regular basis is balance.

To get cliche, let’s call it work-life balance, or family-individual balance. I take care of my kids. I fulfill and even exceed work obligations for my clients. I do the grocery shopping, make the meals, fold laundry, empty the garbage.

Time for myself? Ha! Elusive.

Personal accomplishments? Working ON my business rather than IN my business? Ha again.

And so, as class neared its inevitable end, I approached the teacher, a long-time favorite of mine, and said, “Let’s schedule a private. I need to learn to do these balancing poses. It’s something I need to overcome.”

Her smile was broad and warm. She nodded vehemently. “Of course,” she said. “I’ll come to you.”

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