Most entrepreneurs suffer from the same blindness – we refuse to look at the true odds, to weigh the numbers, to be realistic in what is possible. And for that single reason, entrepreneurs tend to succeed because they just go at it 110% without regard for the what-ifs or pitfalls.

I love taking risks. When I don’t think about what could possibly happen, the excitement of the open road, the wide horizon of possibility, the landscape of beauty that is surely before me, it inevitably appears just as I imagined it.

I started a business in the worst economy of the last 80 years. Not because I calculated risks and weighed and measured the potential outcomes. I did it because I wanted to, because I believe in ME and my abilities and my understanding of the marketplace, and my authentic desire to provide a service for those who need it.

I’ve had missteps and misjudged projects, but generally my work has been valuable for customers. They refer others. New ones sign on, happy again. And the cycle continues. Business builds, momentum swings and I’m proud that an idea I hatched over the course of a year, when I was making other major life changes, has sustained me and my children and now 2 employees. Life is good.

But I wouldn’t be here without the generous guidance of key mentors. Books that I highlighted, underlined and dog-eared. Constant advice from those more successful than I, with long career histories they’re willing to share. Countless magazine articles about what it takes to succeed. And admitting that I don’t know everything and thus striving to work harder, faster, longer, darker in the night so that I learn what I don’t know or find someone to take that part of the work.

This is why I’m launching in 2012 business-building retreats. The price is significant,the value exponential.

I believe in sharing information and helping people to help themselves. I recognize the value in empowering people to spread the word about their great businesses. I appreciate the camaraderie of the community built at conferences, especially intimate ones like those I’m offering next year.

Each retreat accepts only 15 participants. The key is one-on-one attention and a clear map for their individual businesses that suits their workplace and their needs.

Will you be one of them? Mention this blog and receive a discount if you sign up in October. (And there’s a surprise Saturday night powerhouse event included in the Ann Arbor retreat.)

None of us can possibly go it alone. In business, the key to success is building relationships that will fill in the holes that everyone inevitably has. It doesn’t mean we are failing at our attempt to achieve workplace freedom.

It just means each of us has a secret formula for success and every single one inevitably includes learning from others to become better at what we do.

Join me. You won’t regret it.

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