A New Way to Look at Bumper Stickers

I’ve always looked down my nose at those cars plastered with slogans and stickers. It just seemed like a cluttered mess, no one statement taking center stage. And even when I see one or two bumper stickers, I think, wow, you have to care a lot about something to plaster it on your car for all to see.

Keep in mind, I’m not a quiet person who lacks opinions. I just believe there’s a time and place for every stand we take and it seemed too public to make one on your car. And maybe too wimpy – after all, it’s not an active argument or informative conversation if it’s stuck to your behind.

This morning, I drove in the remnants of rain behind a car with a single sticker that read: Wag More, Bark Less.

I’m not a pet person, but this spoke to me. It was beautifully designed, simple and stark, saying a rather peaceful message in a cute way. The sticker was positioned in the center of the trunk, and it was almost like a whispered plea to everyone who saw it: please, be kinder.

The message and its approach moved me, and I realized that bumper stickers have a lot in common with Facebook. 

1. Too many of us are exclaiming from the rooftops, messages that go nowhere because they are aimed in every direction.

2. People care a lot about things that they wish they could communicate to others. But unfortunately, in this world of distance and remote communication, people are lonelier than ever – thus we are relegated to sharing our feelings on open forums to people who may care for a minute but no one can really offer a hug of support.

3. People are afraid to truly take a stand. This is the old herd mentality, where most shuffle along, following others. Easy to do when you don’t have to look eye to eye.

4. It’s incredibly easy to be bold, daring and even mean when you hide behind a computer screen, mobile phone or inside your locked car.

Today, people are meaner than ever and yet lonelier than ever. Everyone is seeking connection with fewer places to forge real ones. And when you peel back the surface layer, you often find a kind, caring individual who wants to hear whatever it is you have to say.

You just have to invest the effort and time and emotion. That’s all.

Wag more, bark less. Simple message. So powerful.

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