A Witty Little Morning

We fell asleep with the window lifted, cool air breaking the stagnancy inside the house. What else can you do when the weather swings from cool spring to steamy 70-degrees and the sky bursts into thunderstorms?

The rain did not blow in, which I was afraid of, and the night descended like it usually does. I never like the time crunch of night. I love my bed and sleep comes slowly and then all of a sudden, it’s time to rise and begin the day.

Today is so far without meditation or yoga, without a moment of silence to center myself. That’s never a good thing. But if I wake too soon and am sluggish throughout the day, that’s no good either.

So I awoke in the half-light and stepped right into the shower. I used to live like this every day, run run run from one task to another, all tied up in the knots of anxiety and confusion, no silence or peace to break the terrain.

Yesterday I finally got my afternoon meditation – what a gift! And then to sit in the evening light, setting sun on our faces as we spooned our frozen yogurt, like being reborn.

So today. It’s a gray morning and the kids were snapping photos on their phones of the bunny rabbit nibbling at the grass in our backyard. A cardinal too in bright red plumage. The magnolia tree in the front yard blooming in pink buds.

Everywhere we turn, the first spring in the new house, something to discover, plants new to us shooting up from dormant soil.

Yesterday, I planted flower seeds in glass vases with Eliana’s class. A gift for Mother’s Day. They painted the glass as a gift for their Very Important Person. A student asked the teacher if my being there ruined the surprise. Of course not. Every gift, even one known about far in advance, is a kiss from then soul.

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