One underlying message from this seminar I’ve been attending since Friday (Ted McGrath’s Coaching Leadership Academy) is to figure out your personal mission and align your life around it.

What are your God-given gifts to the world and how can you help others, heal the world and make the world better by using these gifts?

No small question, indeed.

And the thing is, I have yet to find an answer.

Some people are content to go along a particular path, work at a job, clock hours, make dinner, read to the kids and go to bed, only to rise the next day and do it all over again.

There’s nothing wrong with that scenario. It’s just that I’ve always been someone who wants to soar to great heights, make a definable difference. And so this question is particularly important to me.

I can say that my writing is one of my gifts. I’ve always loved doing it and it never seems like work. I love speaking in front of a crowd, and teaching others. I love learning, talking and reading about faith and the ways we make meaning out of the mundane. I’ve always loved these things.

And yet to spin it all into a mission, that’s the sticking point.

In my humble opinion, a conference is a success when you leave inspired, energized and thinking. So this one already is, and we still have a full day ahead. My near-term mission now is to figure out how my work can be not-work, but rather aligned with my world view and core values so that I just love it so much that I can’t wait to do more.

I know for sure that my recent Power Table included the energy, inspiration and rush of an amazing experience that never felt like work – I would do it every day if I could. So there’s something in that. (Next Power Table is August 27th; a few seats left here.)

I know that being around amazing, inspiring people inspires me. (That’s been these last few days. The people here are truly amazing.)

So while I ponder my mission and craft that alignment, think about what yours might be. And how you’re going to align your life so that you can achieve your mission every single day.

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