What Makes A Great Day

Sunshine helps. And so does loving where you are at this very moment, doing what is right in front of you.

The people you’re with. Whether it’s perfect silence in your corner office or you catch a glimpse of blue sky out the quiet window. If the music playing on your computer speakers is from a CD someone you love made for you over the course of two weeks.

If, as you sit in this moment, you recall little bits of perfection – in the hug from your lover the night prior, the navy blue paint of your bedroom walls, the taste of your favorite coffee, the fact that your children are at school happily on their way.

And then there was the weekend just ended – of sunshine and clear air and walking along city streets, drinking in the sites that have been waiting there for us to notice.

The knowledge that you are not only OK, you are exactly where you should be and everything is truly going to be alright.

The belief that you can do exactly everything you want to do and do it with grace.

The notion that the possibilities are endless and the world has opened its arms to you.

The idea that forever begins right now, and you are at the head of the line.

The comfort that you have chosen good people to fill your life with and discreetly waved goodbye to those who drain you of your purpose.

And the innate knowing that you are making a difference, as you set out to do, and making this world a better place. That is our mission. Get started.

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