My eldest son is a very old soul, who is burdened by questions of what he believes, who he is and what the meaning of life is.

I try to help him. I try to steer him toward being in the moment and letting life unfold and not needing the answers just yet. But we are who we are and I certainly hated it when my parents told me I was too serious or to lighten up or laughed when I talked about things like religion and faith and the meaning of it all.

I guess Asher and I are cut from the same cloth.

The thing about beliefs is that, if you have yours down solid, you can walk with ease through your days. And if you don’t know what you believe – and it matters to you to know that – well, then, it twists you into a dishrag too heavy to do anything with.

In business, what we believe matters more than we can imagine. 

We think we’re going into business to earn a living for ourselves, to amass millions for our own dreams and goals, to turn our personal passions into profits.

That couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Business is an illusion. You think it’s about you but really it’s about serving others.

At least, if you want to succeed, it is.

If it’s about gimme gimme gimme, you will constantly hit dead-ends and roadblocks and being stressed-out, frustrated and competitive.

If it’s about I have a talent to share with the world and I truly care about the well-being of others, then you will soar.

The other day, in conversation with my business coach Nick Hansinger, he reiterated the point that when people balk at spending money or committing time, what they’re really hesitating on is an investment in themselves.

Not me. Not you. It’s all them.

“Sales isn’t about you,” Nick said. “It’s about helping people commit to themselves.”

If you don’t think a program or service or product is right for someone and you push it on them anyway, shame on you.

But if you believe it will truly change their life for the better, shame on them.

It isn’t about committing to you or your brilliant idea or your specialness. Sorry.

It’s about giving themselves opportunities and the gift of time, education and awareness. That’s what is really going on when you’re selling a program or a product. It’s about making other people’s lives and work easier, better, more more more.

Sure changes the way you look at what you do, doesn’t it?

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