Unexpected Inspiration

Because he joked about it, I have to mention Brad Wasserman in this blog post.

I intended to do so as a joke, but actually he does bear mentioning. (I am waiting for an opportunity to reference Joel Ungar, too, another story altogether.) I met Brad by coincidence (although of course we know there are no coincidences) years ago through his lovely daughter, a budding writer and public relations aficionado. We connected and truthfully, probably were not that impressed with one another at the time.

But as is the case with so many relationships, we endured and got to know one another and a true friendship has blossomed. Brad offers business advice and truly cares when he does so – and it is so nice to have friends who are business owners, where we can relate to one another and share wisdom from the trenches. Thankfully, my wisdom benefits him and vice versa.

In fact, just recently, when I was feeling frustrated with one aspect of business, Brad swooped in with a comment that made the confusion melt away. What a gift! And so we have lunch periodically and communicate electronically and I think it’s safe to say that this is a friendship to cherish.

Isn’t life grand?

Today has just been a flurry of inspiration:

* I hit the clock at 5 a.m., intending to sleep later but the fates had a different path for me. I somehow managed to change the time to midnight so I couldn’t go back to sleep. Up and moving, toward my Birmingham Bloomfield Chamber Professional Edge workshop with yours truly as the featured speaker.

* The sun rises so early in the summer – which I love. The silence in the early morning, the crispness in the air, the confident music of the birds in my yard. It is such a wondrous time, when we begin to see the clarity crystallize.

* I gave my talk about The Art of the Idea – the power of storytelling to build business by building relationships. That’s the core of what my company does. And I had a brilliant team with me to convey this message and shake hands with people who generously gave me their early morning and the benefit of the doubt. I hope I provided some insight and inspiration.

* To the office, where a spirited meeting expanded the reach of favorite long-time client, Joe Cornell. Ideas flew like bats in the evening – surface-skimming and with the best of intentions. Reminded me of birds flying close to the water’s surface but never dipping under or veering off course. Stay tuned for brilliant things about to happen with this client.

* Then my lunch with Brad. Thoughtful, intense, spirited – and we’re vacationing in the same place! (No coincidences.)

* Writer’s workshop. Photos for my office. (Have I said that I love going to work?) Booklets dropped off for favorite new client, Karma Yoga. Iced tea/lemonade mixture. Reminded of how great my team is yet again. And soon, the kids.

It’s a full day, a full life, and for every moment, every dip, every spin, every roller coaster squeal, every stomach-falling chance, every opportunity to take a risk and end up on top or bottom or somewhere in the middle, I am so, so grateful.

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