The World Around Me…Or Is It What’s Inside?

I remember having a conversation when I was married about whether it was appropriate according to the dictates of Orthodox Judaism for my then-husband, a gloriously talented singer, to orate a Christian wedding, in a church. Or a non-Orthodox wedding ceremony. Would it be in violation of Jewish Law?

The rabbi that he asked to interpret the law for him determined that because a man needs to make a living, parnussah, it would be fine. But if he went as a guest, or worse, a member of the wedding party, then he would be giving his support to such a union, which clearly would not be ok.

Judgmental. Holier than thou. Peering outside oneself for Truth and answers.


Look, I’m not religious anymore and I respect those who remain faithful to extreme modes of worship in any and every religion. It’s not for me. We’ve established that here long ago.

But I beg every single person to consider the idea that truth resides within, not outside. It is not for a vegan to preach to everyone else what they should eat – but when asked, perfectly lovely to explain why they have ceased consuming animal products and parts of animals. Lead by example. Become a role model.

Silence is powerful.

And today, there is little silence anywhere. We are victims and robots of the Internet, where every single moment someone is saying something. I’m saying it here! I check Facebook like a religion – scary as I find it when I step back and look at what we have become.

There are times I long to leave my suburban home and bank account and reside in the quiet of the country. Or better yet, by the shore of the sea, rocky bluffs and wind-swept sands the only view for miles outside my window.

My children would be with me, transformed as I imagine they’d be by the absence of all the chatter and the clutter of our busy, material lives. There, I would reclaim the beauty of the written word, the wisdom in the silence, the simple life resurrected.

But I remain in my two-story home, with the sound of the wind blocked by closed windows and a set alarm to protect me. Comfortable in my familiar surroundings.

I am a searcher, constantly on the quest for meaning and enlightenment, so I know that my pursuit of Life will never end. It’s just not in my nature.

But what of the ones who accept religion blindly? Who succumb to the church of Starbucks, to the mesmerizing draw of the Internet, truth or no truth?

Break free people. We must – if we are to save our humanity and make meaning out of the moments.

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