The Timing has to be Right


A year ago Dave Lesinski walked into my life.

An Ayurvedic practitioner who is good friends with a client and friend of mine, Katherine Austin, Dave called to see if we might work together to promote his new Ayurveda business.

I knew nothing about Ayurveda except for what I’d read in getting to know Katherine’s Karma Yoga business. I still didn’t quite get it. While I’ve always been a fan of alternative medicine and the mind-body connection in promoting good health, I couldn’t wrap my arms around what this ancient practice of focusing on digestion toward putting the body back in alignment was really trying to do.

Dave and I started to work together, and I embarked on a consultation as a patient, to see what Dave’s work and passion were all about. He gave me a bunch of recommendations for how I could improve my health and well-being.

But I fought him all the way. I had 12 reasons for every item on the list as to why I couldn’t do it. I can still hear my voice back then, the knots in my stomach, the disconnect between me and the tools he offered to improve my state of being.

Quickly, Dave realized he wasn’t ready for public relations quite yet. He was still in the development phase of his business. We said we’d be in touch.

It’s a year later, and the picture is so entirely different.

That’s because the timing has to be perfect for anything to work. You just can’t force outcomes. You have to let go and let life unfold as it is meant to. Every time we manipulate what is right in front of us, we stumble and fall and get tripped up on our very own carpet.

Once in the spring and once recently I called Dave with health concerns. He gave me several suggestions. I implemented them. Boom – the concerns went away and good health was restored.

In just a couple of days of doing the things Dave suggested, I feel like a totally different person. No voice in my head screaming that he’s a wacko or this Ayurvedic thing is nonsense. No knots in my stomach.

Perfect digestion, actually, and today, I drove down a stretch of Quarton Road that I’ve driven a million times, with the surreal feeling that I’d never seen this leafy, green, gorgeous road before.

I stopped at a red light that looked like sparkly jewels to me as I waited for it to change to green. I seriously gazed at the red illumination as if it were one of the wonders of this world.

That’s the bliss factor that comes when everything is in alignment. It’s the timing, really. When you’re ready, the door opens and you just step through.

It’s so much easier than forcing things along into what we think we need. The universe already knows.

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