The Power of Compassion

The words echo in my ears, almost daily: it’s not personal, it’s business.

We’ve been sold an establishment perspective that personal and business should never mix and we buy into it, much to the detriment of ourselves and our businesses.

I am unlearning all the societal trappings of business so that I can create a company and a work mode and an ethic that represent my values, that convey the attributes I wish to surround myself with. And it’s working. Having compassion in business, caring about the projects you’re devoted to, seeing more than the bottom line – that make a difference both in quality of life and in quality of work.

And so I grabbed the Wall Street Journal yesterday when I saw a large headling on page R7 that said: “The Power of Compassion.”

It was the story of bedside manner and a life worth fighting for. The mere presence of doctors who don’t give a damn versus those who took the time to sit in quiet conference rooms and let their patient’s family vent.

And it was a metaphor for every single one of us who does business of any sort. Are you the kind who goes about your mission with dedicated indifference? Or do you take the time to listen to whatever story your customer offers forth?

Believe me, in this day and age of troubled economies and desperation, the power of compassion can make all the difference between a job well done and no job at all. 

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