The Grammys: My Favorite Awards Show

It was worth staying up so late to see Mumford and Sons win Best Album.

Not once did I yawn so overwhelmingly that I wanted to turn off The Grammys last night. I think the reason I like the Grammys more than any awards show is the creativity behind musicians, their ability to invent a new way of being and an out-there form of expression that makes the world think differently, that makes the world LISTEN.

Music moves you. I don’t care how hip or square you are, some form of music will create some emotion deep within you. And it’s scientific you know – the way sound current can change our energy channels, can swing our moods in another direction.

Katy Perry said something last night that resonated with me. She mentioned, when introducing the nominees for Best New Artist, that once you’re nominated for that category, you’ve already worked so hard and come so far, just to be designed as NEW.

It’s true. The daring you need to exhibit again and again, tirelessly, through midnight shows and opening acts in beer-soaked bars and the road-weary traveling to get yourself heard, sometimes for YEARS before anyone takes notice, that’s what leads to being dubbed NEW by the national mainstream music lens.

And then there are those musicians who never make it to mainstream but do their own thing and do it well. The courage it takes to carve your own path and decorate it oddly along the way, knowing that who you are is enough and people will listen because you sing truth.

The Grammys is about an average joe becoming a Someone. It’s the quintessential American story and we see it in so many venues – business, music, art, writing, theater and more. Just to have the gumption to try, to live your life by your art, to believe in yourself when maybe no one else does – that’s the fabric of being an American.

So the music awards last night – it’s not about celebrities in fancy clothes patting each other on the back. It’s always what it represents.

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