The Difference Meditation Makes

Yesterday, I meditated twice – once before my day got started and once after all the madness subsided and my husband was making dinner and the kids were in the shower.

It’s fairly easy to meditate early in the morning while the house is still. Everyone else is still asleep, and I love being up before the dawn. Now, as spring encroaches, the sky lightens in pinks and yellows earlier each day and so it’s not pitch-dark when I sit in the back-jack and close my eyes to welcome my mantra.

But the afternoon meditation is something I’ve struggled with. That’s because I always believe I have something to do, some task to check off the list, some call to make or some obligation to fulfill. Which is exactly the reason why I should stop and drop everything, to meditate.

Meditation is the stillness we need in order to be healthy, happy and productive. Twice-a-day islands of time where nothing can barge in and everything is calm. Sure, thoughts bubble up, clearing out the gunk that slows me down and gets in the way of seeing things as they really are.

So yesterday, I was grateful for my husband’s willingness to take over in the kitchen, and I settled onto the floor. Boy did I conk out. I went to the moon and back and when I finished, when the harp strings signaled the alarm that my time was over, I was like jelly.

Peaceful. Quiet. Not worried about a thing.

This morning, I couldn’t get still. Probably because I started the day by jumping into the shower, putting on one outfit, then shedding it in favor of another. Already the day began on full-tilt speeding forward, so there was no room to stop and get quiet.

I see so clearly what a difference meditation can make. Studies show that it’s a real difference in terms of our health, too, and that makes perfect sense – if we can get still and quiet and calm twice a day, our heart, our blood pressure, our general well-being surely benefit. It doesn’t take hard science to understand the connection.

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