The Sanskrit word for life is anubhava dhara, stream of experiences. As long as you are having experiences, you are living.

What if the purpose of everything were to gain knowledge that you could use to make the world better? If that were an end in itself? Not a superficial goal like a bigger house, more expensive clothing, high-flying vacations.

We live a skewed life these days, with values buried beneath shiny, attracting surface goals. And this week of Thanksgiving, it’s important to remember what is real and what is not.

The goal of all religions, writes Swami A. Parthasarathy, is to discover your true nature. To draw the divinity out of the matter layers that hide it. According to Swamiji, religion binds a person to her origin – not to the visions and rules of a human seeking control.

What are you grateful for this week? Dig deep and get to the core.

My stream of experiences is a long one, winding, sometimes with rapids, sometimes barely filled with murky water, the tadpoles skimming the surface. But it’s always flowing.

I am grateful for my incredible children, that I am lucky enough to be their mother. I am grateful for my wonderful husband, that we found each other, that we love spending time together, that we laugh, a lot. I am grateful for my quaint house, that we have a spacious roof over our heads, that we can afford to pay the mortgage, that we love inviting people inside our walls to mark the moments.

I am grateful for my health and my intelligence. Right now, I am knee-deep in a book about a dreadful chronic disease and I am so thankful that my body can move, breathe, and function with ease.

I am grateful that I can work from home. I am grateful for the wonderful clients who put their trust in me and invite me into their businesses and their dreams as a partner. I am grateful for my terrific team of hard-working, sincere individuals, grateful to know them and to work beside them.

I am grateful for my family, expansive and turbulent as it may be. These wonderful people are the spine of a life, scattered across the country, kind in their hearts and full of love.

I am grateful for the ability to open my eyes in the morning and take another breath and move my legs and sing songs loud in the kitchen with the kids dancing ’round. I am grateful, truly grateful, to be alive and to have the gift of making the world better one moment at a time.

That’s all. Easy enough and yet so damn deep. Be grateful this week. For whatever comes your way, there is always a new day, a new moment, a new chance to try again, to offer someone a smile, to give a dollar to a man on the street in tattered clothes and straggly beard. There is always another chance.

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