A steady trickle of work, constant busy-ness, and yet the news reports were grim.

Three Israeli boys murdered. Supreme Court decisions that show gender bias, religious influence and a lack of understanding of the workplace.

Then at night, storms that felled trees and made dogs howl in the quiet black.

I tossed and turned, unable to find peaceful rest. Was it the emotional turmoil of the day, feeling the plight and terror of others? Was it the constant barrage of negative information? Was it the way the minutes just kept cycling through, never stopping, never breathing?

This morning was quiet and warm. A cool breeze sailed along some streets. The sun rose in all its glory. I walked up and down neighborhood streets, mantra in my ears. On one block, industrial equipment had dug up the road, their hammers jarring in the dawn.

I’ve come to realize that there will always be work to do. There’s a steady stream and if we think we’ll check off an entire to-do list, ever, we are sadly mistaken.

So how do you book-end the obligations? When do you lay down your pen or your hammer and say, I’m done for the day?

It’s arbitrary.

Have you fought for something meaningful today? Check. Have you pondered priorities? Check. Have you told someone you love them? Check.

Late last night, my children texted me from their father’s house. One complained that the other downloaded an app without adult permission. The other said the adult gave permission. They badgered back and forth, focused outside of themselves, their sister’s keeper.

Isn’t the proper focus on the Self, always?

I texted back in a group text to be kind and loving to one another and to follow the rules. And then I told them I was going to bed.

There has to be a time when we shut off everything and linger in the quiet. There has to come a moment when we connect back to the soul rather than drive hard on the never-stopping train of life.

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